Fall is coming in HOT

Fall merchandise is coming in fast and I have to say it is my favorite season to buy for. It's like Christmas every day opening boxes of new fall clothes at the store! 

This season has three big trends you will want to be a part of and I love it because you can wear these trends at ANY age! 

The first is layers, which is perfect for cold Oklahoma fall mornings and the hot afternoons. Layer a velvet tank under a button up blouse, and top it off with an embroidered jacket. You can peel the layers as the day goes on, then put them back on as it cools in the evening. 

Embroidery is on EVERYTHING this fall! I have to say its my favorite trend this season, because I have always been and will always be in LOVE with embroidered anything. So, needless to say, the store is loaded with this trend. We will see it on denim which is the biggest trend, but it is also on dresses, tops, handbags, and belts.

Finally, the third HOT item for fall is in the sleeves. Look for bell, ruffled, asymmetrical, poofy, layered and any other funky sleeve you can find and pair it with your favorite jeans! 

If you have any questions about how to wear the latest trend, we are always here to help and we LOVE dressing our customers!