Linked Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry also known as bonded, infinity, friendship or forever jewelry is welded on without a clasp. It isn't like a tattoo or dermal piercing, nothing goes into your skin.

You select from our wide variety of chain and choose either a bracelet, necklace or anklet. We custom fit the jewelry to you and weld it together with a Link, a quick and painless zap!

Because the chain is welded together, there is no need for a clasp. Welding the Link makes the jewelry stay on permanently, or until you decide to remove it. Welding also gives the chain a seamless look. 

People choose permanent jewelry for the simplicity and ease of not using a clasp, or with others to symbolize friendship and love. 

Keep in mind that although it is “permanent” it can break off or stretch out if snagged. It is permanent because it is clapsless, not that it will last forever. The Jewelry is meant to break so you don’t get injured if caught on something. 

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